Welcome to Inland Expressions, a Michigan-based publisher of regional, military and historical books. Founded in 2008, we have an ever increasing selection of books that not only relate Michigan’s rich and varied past but also titles detailing shipping operations on the Great Lakes, naval warfare, aviation history, and American history. As a small independent publisher, we can offer a wide array of titles concerning subjects often overlooked by larger publishing houses. With new titles always in the works, please check back often for our latest releases.

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Latest Release

Sailing Into Disaster book image

Ghost Ships and other Mysterious Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes...


Great Lakes History

Superships of the Great Lakes

Tells the story of the thirteen thousand-foot ships built...


Michigan History

Tales of Michigan Book Image

Continuing with the Tales of Michigan Series, Tales of Michigan II is a collection of fifteen stories...


Military History

Supersonic Eagles Book Image

Century Series Fighters of the USAF...