Cemeteries of St. Clair County

Read the histories behind where our ancestors rest.

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St. Clair County also known as the Blue Water Area has a unique history, this history can be told by our ancestors. This book is a collection of photos, histories, and summaries of the Cemeteries of St. Clair County Michigan. Each Cemetery is described , and accompanied by photographs as it appears as of 2007. Also road maps for locating each cemetery accompany the text. Cemeteries in Saint Clair County date from the early 1800's to the present and thus provide an unique insight into the history of the county and of Michigan in general.

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Author: Constance M. Jerlecki
Publication Date: July 2008
Binding: Softcover Pages: 98
ISBN: 978-0-9818157-0-1

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Excerpt 1

Maple Grove Cemetery

Maple Grove Cemetery is very hard to see from the road. This is on a small dirt path with parking inside the cemetery but it is located in a copse of trees. Caution is advised when going into this cemetery because of the limited sight distance from the road as it seems to be frequented by the locals.

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Lakeside Cemetery

Lakeside Cemetery is most likely one of the most well known in Saint Clair County. Thomas Edison’s parents as well as the McMorran family, and many other prominent citizens are interred within Lakeside Cemetery.

Excerpt 3

Caswell Cemetery

Caswell Cemetery is located on two sides of the road. The older section is located on one side while the newer section is on the other although older markers are located on both side as well as present. The cemetery is kept up very well but many of the older markers have been replaced or are gone. The cemetery was founded in 1861.

About the Author

A lifelong resident of Michigan, Constance M. Jerlecki has written four books concerning the history of the state she calls home. This is her first book about St. Clair County.

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