History in Print - The Battle of Gettysburg

Compiled by Kate R. Gillett

History in Print - The Battle of Gettysburg Book Cover Inland Expressions

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Fought on July 1-3, 1863, the Battle of Gettysburg was the harshest engagements fought during the American Civil War. Transcribed from the original articles, this collection of newspaper accounts will provide the reader with an insight into the information provided by the media during this crucial event in American History.

This is not an OCR book, but a collection of transcribed newspaper accounts that appeared in the popular press during the time of the battle.

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Author: Kate R. Gillett
Publication Date: January 2013
Binding: Softcover Pages: 118
ISBN: 978-1-939150-02-8 | eISBN: 978-1-939150-03-5

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An Inland Expressions Exclusive

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Excerpt from Part One

Prelude to the Battle

HARRISBURG, June 29.—Information was received by the authorities this morning, which they consider perfectly reliable, that 37,000 rebel troops had passed through Chambersburg up to Saturday, together with 104 pieces of artillery.

Excerpt from Part Two

The Battle of Gettysburg

The situation of affairs in Pennsylvania is one not to be contemplated with any satisfaction by loyal men. Gen. Lee, with a large rebel force, is fairly in the State, and steadily advancing toward the interior. At last accounts a portion of the rebel army was but a few miles from the State Capital. Harrisburg has been fortified, but what number of Federal troops there are there, and whether the city will be able to offer successful defense, we know not. The people are all in the dark as to the movements of our forces, and therefore we cannot speak with any certainty as to the prospects of defeating this forward movement of the enemy.

Excerpt from Part Three

Post-Battle Accounts

In all the contests excepting the opening one, the enemy attacked. On Wednesday morning, General Reynolds, with the Federal advance, approached the town from the southeast, the enemy evacuating it on his arrival. He passed through and out on the west side, towards Chambersburg. He marched several miles, was met by the enemy in stronger force, and after a slight contest was compelled to retire. The enemy pushed him very hard, and he came into the town on a run, his troops going along every available road, and rushing out on the east side, closely followed by the enemy.

About the Author

Possessing a strong attraction to collecting antique newspaper articles and American history in general, this is Kate R. Gillett’s debut book for Inland Expressions.

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