Superships of the Great Lakes

Thirteen thousand-foot ships built for service on the Great Lakes

Superships of the Great Lakes Book Cover Inland Expressions

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Superships of the Great Lakes tells the story of the thirteen thousand-foot ships built for service on the Great Lakes. These ships are the largest vessels to ever operate on the inland seas and are so big that they can never leave the Great Lakes.

This heavily illustrated book relates the evolution of the Great Lakes freighter while also relating the individual histories of each of these unique vessels along with the background which prompted their construction. Also included is a detailed analysis of the impact that the thousand-foot ships made upon the Great Lakes shipping industry.

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Author: Raymond A. Bawal, Jr.
Publication Date: February 2011
Binding: Softcover Pages: 103
ISBN: 9780981815749 | eISBN: 9780981815763

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Excerpt from Stewart J. Cort

The sea trials for the STEWART J. CORT did not proceed without incident. On July 2, 1971 the CORT was forced to anchor in Erie Harbor after suffering malfunctions with her twin bow and stern thruster units. Later, a small fire was discovered in an exhaust stack connected to a service generator. This minor blaze was caused by a build-up of oil residue and soon extinguished itself with no damage being reported. Following a series of sea trials lasting thirty-five hours on Lake Erie, the STEWART J. CORT returned to Erie on July 19, 1971 after the discovery of electrical problems with her bow thrusters.

Excerpt from James R. Barker

Early in its career, the JAMES R. BARKER was heavily engaged in the transport of taconite for Interlake’s customers on the lower lakes. The onset of a steel strike during the summer of 1977, and a corresponding drop in the demand for ore carriage, prompted the Interlake Steamship Company to lay up the JAMES R. BARKER at Ashland, Wisconsin. She remained at that location until mid-January of the following year, only to face heavy ice conditions as she struggled to depart the northern port to resume trading. Three years later, on January 24, 1980, the JAMES R. BARKER suffered a small fire while in winter lay-up at Ashtabula, Ohio. This incident, which resulted from sparks generated by welding operations, resulted in only minor damage.

Excerpt from Indiana Harbor

Shortly after the ST. CLAIR (2) departed Superior, Wisconsin with a load of coal on May 20, 2001 it was discovered that water was being taken aboard through a hole in her starboard hull. This caused the 770-foot ship to return to the Twin Ports, tying up at Duluth, Minnesota. The following day, the INDIANA HARBOR came alongside the ST. CLAIR (2) to receive the cargo from the damaged ship. After unloading her payload of coal into the thousand-footer, the ST. CLAIR (2) went to nearby Fraser Shipyards for repairs.

About the Author

With a lifelong interest in Great Lakes Shipping and military history, Raymond A. Bawal Jr. has written several books on these two subjects.

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